The Eco Conscious Consumer Shops for Clothing

Being conscious consumers is not too hard when it comes to food items and paper. But with eco-friendly clothing, the best option for a conscious consumer who's not a nudist, it gets a little more complicated. Typical shopping centres do not tend to have the most environmentally friendly or socially responsible shopping options.

True, in some areas, there are many stores that sell environmentally friendly clothing (be sure to take your cloth bags!). But for most people, the best way to find a wide selection of environmentally friendly and organic clothing is to shop online. You can also find the top eco-conscious brands at BrandsFind.

Let's start with the basics. And no, I do not mean "basic" in the way grandma used to call garments "the basics." I mean the basics like, "What's so great about organic clothing and environmentally friendly clothes?" Short answer: pretty much everything.

The long answer.

First, when you buy organic clothes, you buy them consciously. You support farmers, manufacturers, and retailers who are dedicated to doing their part in the effort to reduce pollution, trash, and exposure to toxins. They are good people, and it's always good to help the good people win once in a while.

Secondly, when you choose an environmentally friendly clothing option, you are promoting sustainability and limit your own exposure to chemicals. That is easy. Take bamboo for example. Bamboo is a highly sustainable plant, grow to maturity in just five years and require little in the way of human intervention.

In fact, bamboo is actually a grass and not a tree, so that when it is harvested, it does not have to be replanted: it just grows back as the grass in the backyard. So, when you choose to wear products made with bamboo, you choose a material made from sustainable sources, one that does not poison the earth with herbicides and insecticides such as traditional cotton, and one that does not expose you to trace a latency of chemicals as you wear material.