Does Talc Powder Cause Cancer?

Over the past year or two, the relationship between talcum powder and ovarian cancer has been much debated.

Talc based baby powder has been used by women and young children since the early 20th century, and it can be said that baby powder has influenced millions upon millions of people over the last century. Unsurprisingly, recent research has talked about the product and whether it is safe to stop using it. The question is, does the talc powder cause ovarian cancer?

What exactly is talc? Talc is a clay mineral that is widely used in baby powder. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, talc is classified as the softest mineral. This softness is what makes it so popular in baby powder. Two of the most popular forms of baby powder are talc or cornstarch based powder.

In the early 1930's there was evidence of the possible harmful effects of talcum powder on the human body. It was not until the 1970s that talc was first linked to ovarian cancer and tumors. In 1971, scientists discovered powder particles embedded in 75% of ovarian tumors.

You can see that the fear of talc's harmful effects is not new. This has been studied by many scientists for decades.

Talc does not only affect women. Pediatricians have been warning parents about the dangers of talc-based talc for decades. Using baby powder has been linked to child mortality since the 1960s. Inhalation of the powder can cause lung damage or chronic disease in babies.

5 Benefits of Hiring Talcum Powder Cancer Attorney

Baby powder and talc-based powders have been commonly used by people nowadays. However, scientists confirmed it as the source of ovarian cancer. According to the recent reports, laboratory test found traces of asbestos which is the source of ovarian cancer in women. Inhalation of talcum powder can harm bronchi and ultimately leads to respiratory issues and sometimes even lung cancer.

If you are the victim of talcum powder prostate cancer, you should file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer. This medical lawsuit is categorised under personal injury law and there are attorneys who can help you to legally fight for it.

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In this article, we will discuss several benefits of hiring a talcum powder lawyer for your case.

  • Represent you in the court

Like all other lawyers, talcum powder lawyer will represent you in the court proceedings to highlight your strong points and helps to seek justice in every possible manner. 

  • Free Consultation

Talcum powder lawsuit can be a complex case and you are not familiar with the court proceeding too. Getting a free consultation from an experienced attorney is beneficial in difficult times. The lawyer describes the entire procedure before taking up your case. This helps the victim to know what he/she has to deal with in court.  

  • Assist you in Paperwork

Baby powder and ovarian cancer Lawsuit involves numerous paperwork. A lawyer who has handled cases like this before will help you to do paperwork on your behalf. 

  • They will know helpful resources

Experienced talcum powder lawyers are not only familiar with the jurisdiction but also likely to know other resources that may help you to win the case. They know other people in the industry and hence recommend some resources like physical therapies or support groups.

  • Get Higher Settlements

It is found in the survey that victims who hire lawyers for their talcum powder cases receive high compensation for their injury claim than those who do not. 

Obviously, a lawyer cannot able to cure your disease but help you to defend your rights when it comes to a medical lawsuit.

Why Filing Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Is Important?

In order to understand the relationship between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, you should be aware of the talcum powder. In terms of science, talcum powder consists of the mineral talc, a nature-based item. In addition to this, the powder has other applications as well. It is used in different makeup products because it keeps the skin dry and moisture-free.

However, some research suggests that the constant use of talcum powder in the genital area will end up with the development of ovarian cancer in women. 

According to various surveys, most of the women died due to the use of talcum powder. Hence, baby powder cancer lawsuits were charged to talcum powder manufacturing companies. 

However, not women are eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit. You can navigate to to learn who can file a talcum powder lawsuit in great detail.

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There is evidence that asbestos is present in talcum powder which is a leading cause for ovarian cancer in women. After this study, many women are subjected to lawsuits against famous baby powder manufacturer – Johnson & Johnson.

It was suggested that if there are people who suffer from ovarian cancer because of the repeated use of baby powder, they should hire a lawyer who would help them to file a lawsuit and claim maximum compensation.