Using A Recumbent Trike For Exercise

This is like Easy Mode for exercise, basically. If biking is already the start for when you want to try exercising for the first time, then using a tricycle is just the easiest of them all to get the hang of. How much more a trike that can permit you to lay down while moving on along? This must be made by the gods themselves, huh? This thing you call a recumbent trike.

See, when you use them though, you are going to find out that it was actually possible to go triking even while still in laying down position. And this just sounds like the best deal you could get if someone were to force you to do some sweating and working out.

It works best when you are an extremely lazy piece of trash like we are. They would be best. See, a lot of us do not really like exercising or working out. There are only a handful of people who actually do because it is against our very nature as humans to go the mile and actually work our lazy bodies to the bone.

Most of us that do end up in this kind of routine was actually just forced to do it in the beginning. They had just gotten used to it as time progresses and the next thing they know, they were now admitted to working out and buffing up. There really is nothing wrong with working out, to be honest.

In fact, the people who do this are on the right track to becoming proper human beings. Because they are bound to be really healthy and strong and could probably kick some ass if needed. They can lift weights all they want though but that still does not exercise their minds. Now that is an entirely different matter altogether.

In fact, we could even hazard to say that the mind is the hardest part to exercise. Our minds have a lot of limits because we only just really activated about ten percent of our capabilities. If you have seen the movie Lucy by Scarlet Johansson, then you know what we are talking about.

In truth, we are supposed to be able to control our bodies the way we like. We could control how to move and to jump and fight and even where to bend it. We could control the blood flow in is and the beating our hearts, even move them to other places and still be functional.

There would have been no need for doctors and surgeons because we would have been able to heal ourselves. Only if we have reached over forty percent at least. And it may sound completely ridiculous and even fictional, but when you think about it, why could we NOT control what is essentially our very own body?

It is ours. So why can we not move the way superheroes do? Control things AT LEAST that are within us? In theory, we could even control and shape our own figures the way we want to without the need for exercise.