Key Factors For Evaluating Commercial Property For Sale

The secret to valuing commercial real estate lies in the model in which one property can be valued independently of other properties. You can also look for the best commercial property for sale in Melbourne.

The foundation of any model is to ensure that the right calculations are made regarding the sustainability of every property sold on the market. This means doing calculations. If the calculations don't work, you don't need to invest.

Our model has the following features:


 The summary provides a measure of the property to be acquired, expressed in the gross lease area (GLA). It also provides obtainable leases to lease commercial properties.

This is important because it gives an indication of whether you can compete with other similar properties in the same area. It takes into account the net rental income from the property as it determines the property's value.


This variable includes the average interest rate over the last 20 years. It should also include the average inflation rate over the last 10 years, which must be taken into account in the calculation.

The increase in annual rent that generates future income for at least 10 years should be taken into account. Providing job rates is essential to building your model. All fees are listed in this section.


 Evaluation is the culmination of all previous sections in one model view. This includes the net asset value determined annually. This includes the gross rental income related to the property including escalation.