Take Care of Your Area Rugs

Rugs are often used in high-traffic areas to protect wood and ceramic floors, but we often forget that we need to protect rugs as well.

What most people don't realize is that a large amount of dirt has accumulated which eventually settles and shortens the life of these decorative pieces. You can find Marin county area rug cleaning services online.

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Vacuuming carpet dust is very helpful in two ways. This will refresh your area's carpet fibers so they continue to look new. Also, it removes most of the dirt and dust that is common in every household. This should be done at least once a week, but try not to suck up dust from the edges because it can cause unwanted damage.

You have to rotate the carpet every few months to once a year, especially in areas with high traffic. This can help colors fade evenly when exposed to sunlight too.

If there are new stains, it is best to clean them as soon as possible. Leaving it on the carpet can make it more difficult to clean. Just use a cleanser and a white towel or cloth accordingly and it should come out.

Do not bleach! For older stains or stains that you cannot clean yourself, it is best to call a professional cleaner. If you follow some of these easy tips, your area rug will remain a joy in your home for years to come.