Top Building Construction Equipment In Sydney

There are many types of equipment used for building construction purposes. Here is a list of the top 5 widely used building construction equipment:

1) Crane: Cranes are usually equipped with ropes and chains and are widely used to lift material and move it horizontally. For building structures such as bridges and overpasses, they are the most requested equipment. You can also get the best mini crane hire via

There are different types of cranes:

Tower crane: Tower cranes are used in the construction of tall buildings. It can rise to a height of 300 feet and lift a weight of about 20 tons.

Air cranes: Also known as "sky cranes", they are used to move heavy loads or in disaster control programs.

Another type of crane used in structures is the floating crane when installing bridges, harbors, or dams.

2) Backhoes: Backhoes have been used for construction purposes for many years due to their flexible usage, speed, and fuel efficiency.

3) Forklift: Forklifts, also called fortresses or ambulances, are forklifts used for industrial purposes to lift all transportation materials and loads.

4) Concrete Mixer: Concrete mixer is also known as a cement mixer. They combine cement with water to make a homogeneous concrete mixture. Concrete mixers are very useful in cement production and cement forms part of most building structures.

5) Compactors: Compactors are used to reduce the amount of waste material or soil erosion through compaction. There are 3 types of seals; seal plates, jacks, and road rollers.

There are many other machines used in building construction and these are just a few of them. This device can be purchased or rented.