How SharePoint Intranet Increase Employee Engagement?

Technology goes beyond the workplace boundaries. Organizations move towards work on the move, real time collaboration, to empower their employees.

They have begun to focus on employee involvement that is strongly correlated with organizational productivity and performance. You can also look for best intranet solutions via

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This is where Intranet plays a role and promotes employee involvement by offering tools that foster collaboration among colleagues. It builds integrated communication between employees which leads to faster information distribution and knowledge transfer.


This helps the organization:

1. Reducing centralized governance

2. Measure employee involvement

3. Connect disconnected workers

4. Social interaction and Encourage collaboration

5. Get the most out of their employees

6. Reducing centralized governance

Think about the lack of collaboration in the health industry. Most providers have the mindset that if they are not right in front of a patient, they are not productive.

Making news a collaborative opportunity for any writer opens the door to more interesting and meaningful content, entering ratings and sharing pushes them outside of the user's everyday network. The more value employees get, the more involved they are.

Therefore, the intranet provides organizational value by increasing collaboration among employees and making information search more efficient and relevant. With organizations moving towards the digital workplace, it has become a lifeline of employees and a key driver of productivity.

You can also share documents, update activity feeds, and keep in touch with your colleagues from your phone or tablet.