Indoor Plants For Home Or Workplace

There are hundreds of indoor plants that can be used for interior decoration. I will introduce the most common and simplest to keep.

Pothos or (betel ivory):

They will perform in the big room. They are known for use in hanging baskets. They need frequent watering for faster growth. They are also lower light tolerant which makes them ideal for dark areas. If you want to buy beautiful Indoor plants online, you may check over here.

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Peace Lily or (Spathiphyllum):

These simple care of plants like low light and are perfect for the dark corner. These leaves produce white blooms that can shoot straight up. It grows about 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Rubber Plant or (Ficus Elastica):

This plant likes indirect sunlight. The leaves are broad and wax kind of like rubber! Very easy to care for handsome indoor plants. It was not like a regular watering almost every day during the summer months.

Indoor Plants Cactus:

There are thousands of different cacti indoor plants. Most require very little care; they need watering only about 1-2 times per month. These plants do not like to be fertilized at all but they are susceptible to insects and disease.

Mother in law tongue or (Sansevieria trifasciata):

Sometimes called snake plants. It is used only as an indoor plant in the Southwest. It is very easy to grow and rarely requires attention at all. It makes a perfect setting factory for the office – just leaving it in the pot and almost forgotten. It can take a lot of abuse. It tolerates poor soil and only needs water about once a month.