Electronic Door Locks – Are They Right For You?

Electronic Door Locks come in various types and prices of approximately $ 100.00 to over $ 500.00 per key. You might think that if it has an electronic key then how can it be more secure than a mechanical lock. This is not true: as there is an old saying i.e. “you get what you pay for”.

Electronic door locks follow the advanced level of security to protect our homes and valuable things. You can also know more about the benefits of electronic door locks via https://www.keylessentrysystems.com.au/ or any other online sources.

These locks can be opened using a card which is basically a key with a chip embedded in it. It could have a key fob (such as your garage door) or can use biometrics such as fingerprints, fingerprint oil, etc.

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Just like cell phones or TVs, high-end products will have more features than the lower end products. Some important features of electronic door locks are:

– Audit feature

– Limited users

– The ability to lock out users

– Easy retrofit to the door (replacement of mechanical door locks)

– Mechanical parts are manufactured to a high standard

– High battery usage (if batteries are used)

– Low battery warning

– Weatherproof

Acceptance of electronic door lock is divided into two different directions, commercial and residential. These locks have started to turn into some kind of electronic access control. This process is slow because of rapid technological change.

Also, manufacturers use a different key and patented technology that is not normally compatible with one another. Once the decision is made to use certain manufacturers and technology, it is very difficult and expensive to switch.

Introducing The New Generation Smart Door Locks

With the advent of smart technologies, the security services have also arisen a level up. When it comes to secure your home & property the first line of defense is locking services. No doubt, throughout the years, the traditional locks are being used but we can't be denied the fact of increasing robbery & theft cases. There are many cases where the traditional lock system failed to provide the purposes they are supposed to serve. 

The ordinary iron locks are easy to break. This leads to finding something that offers an extreme level of security and reliability. You can buy fingerprint door locks from keylessentrysystems.com.au/product-category/biometric-lock. Yes, the smart, intelligent keyless door system is the best way to prevent any unauthorized access and introducers to your home & property.

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The keyless door system works on the theory of fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth technology, biometric lock system, swipe card smart door locks and digital smart locks. Many people are benefited with the smart fingerprint door lock system and sleep peacefully. So if you are spending your night sleepless just with fear of any loss, adopt the new generation security system today to eliminate the risk of theft.

Being highly secured, keyless door locks are ideal for commercial as well as residential purposes. You will rarely find any organization which does not practice the biometric or card scanning entry system. So the next thing that needs to decide now, choosing a professional expert to get install your door locks. If you don’t have any reliable option, you can explore the internet to find a services provider who is trained & experienced to fix the smart advances locking system.

Certified locksmiths are insured and bonded. In case of any damage to the property, you don't need to pay for a repair. A reputed locksmith company has predefined policy and transparency in their work of conduct.

Keeping Front Doors Secure

It's impossible to be too cautious when it comes to the security of your dwelling. On a national scale, the rate of crime is only increasing, causing people to feel insecure outside and indoor.

The market today is filled with a variety of security door locks. Each one having its own set of perks, here are some of the most commonly known and available door locks around you:

You can also look for the best keyless door lock at https://www.keylessentrysystems.com.au/.


Knob Locks

Knob locks have been there for a long time now. These are one of the most common types of locks that can be fitted almost anywhere such as the front door, garage door, bedroom door, and even patio door. Typically, knob locks are fitted on both sides of the door.

Lever-Handle Locks

Commonly sighted on interior doors, lever-handle locks are more stylish and physically appealing than knob locks. They are easily accessible even for people who are disadvantaged or have a certain sort of impairment. Moreover, most of the lever-handle locks are keyless.


These are most commonly known for securing front/main doors of the house. They are extremely safe and cost-effective at the same time. Deadbolts have a metal bolt within them that slides to lock the door. The bolt itself is controlled by a latch and a keyhole located inside.

There are 4 basic types of deadbolts: Single deadbolts, double deadbolts locks, jimmy proof deadbolts and captive deadbolts. Each option is designed in order to meet varying security needs.