Variety of sushi recipes

Maki is a famous Japanese dish and favorite of all. It can be any kind of rolled sushi with rice and nori (also known as seaweed) inside. "Maki" in Japanese means "roll".

There are several types of maki, depending on the filler used. For example, there is the California maki. This is the salmon and mango rolled in rice and seaweed. Kappa maki cucumber rolled in rice. And Tekka maki is tuna rolled in rice. If you are looking for the Farmington hills poke then you can browse the web.

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  • Fish or sashimi sushi
  • Nori (a thin sheet of seaweed)
  • Wasabi
  • Vegetables or other fillings (eg, asparagus, avocado, cucumber)
  • Short grain rice with a sticky consistency
  • rice vinegar
  • Gari (ginger root into thin slices)
  • Soya sauce

First, make the sushi rice. Prepare rice vinegar. Mixed with the salt and the sugar. Cook the rice, making sure it will be a sticky consistency. It is the type of rice suitable for spreading on the nori.

Disposing the bamboo mat and placing a plastic film on top. Place the nori with the brightest side down. Slightly wet your hands and take a handful of rice. Spread evenly and thinly over the nori. Leave a half-inch margin on all sides of the nori. Put the remaining ingredients in the middle.