What You Need To Know About Working With A Bail Bondsman

When a friend or loved one lands in jail, it may be up to you to get this individual back out. Sadly, you may not have the total amount of bail monies that the courts are requesting. Whenever this is the case, you can always turn to a trusted bail bondsman in Wake County.

There are, however, a few things that everyone should know about using the services that these professionals provide. This is especially true if they intend to act as guarantors, given that the responsibility for repaying any lost funds will fall on their shoulders. Read on to learn the basics of these services and to know more about the benefits that they can potentially supply.

While you might not have enough liquid cash to pay a full bail amount, you might have real property, a car, or even jewelry or electronics that are essentially equal in value. If you sell these things, however, you probably won't ever get them back. Moreover, you will lack the security and protections that are supplied by bondsmen when it comes to getting defendants into court.

If the full amount is paid, all of this money can be returned at the end of the trail. As such, there is really no loss that defendants or their families must sustain, just as long as the accused party remains diligent about going to court. If a person jumps or skips bail, however, these funds will be retained by the county court system and those who have paid them will be basically out of luck.

When you work with bondsmen, you will only need to pay a very modest fraction of the actual cost. Moreover, the money that you do pay will not go to the defendant's charges, but will instead be considered payment for services being rendered. In your stead, a bondsman will assume the risk by paying this cost. Once this money is returned, the bondsman will collect and retain all of it.

As guarantor, your primary goal is making sure that the person you are helping is going to show up. You have to consider the circumstances carefully in order to determine whether or not this is a risk that you actually want to take on. Keep in mind though that bail agencies have bounty hunters that can assist you to this end. Bounty hunters can collect jumpers and deliver them to the courts before any funds are forfeited.

When signing on as guarantor, your assets will need to be used as collateral. This includes any real property or other high-value items that are needed for provided a security amount that equals the sum being paid on behalf of the defendant. If these monies are ever forfeited, your collateral will be sold by the agency to prevent losses on its end.

There are any forms of collateral that can be used by guarantors. More importantly, the costs of these services can vary from one agency and area to the next. Contacting a trusted, local bondsman is the very first step in learning what your actual options are, and in helping your loved one obtain release from jail.