Mobile App Testing And Its Popular Tools

With the arrival of smartphones and the progress in mobile technology, people are using the apparatus increasingly more to communicate and for accessing the internet.

Mobile programs are getting to be very popular with individuals today. There are various types of mobile app testing, listed below. To get more information about mobile app testing tool visit

mobile app testing tool,

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1. Functional Testing:- This is an assessment that is done to make certain that a mobile app is functioning as per the requirements.

2. Laboratory Testing:- This process is undertaken by network carriers to find out any anomalies when mobile applications use data and/or voice link to perform some functions.

3. Performance Testing:- This evaluation is undertaken to check both the performance and behavior of cellular applications under certain conditions such as low available memory, bad network protection, and very low battery among other conditions. 

4. Memory Leakage Testing:- Memory leakage takes place when an application fails to manage the memory it's allocated.  While this happens, the performance of the application gets poor and it results in the overall slowdown of the machine. Memory leakage testing is done to make sure the proper performance of the program.

5. Interrupt Testing:- While a program is working, certain interruptions may occur like incoming and SMS and MMS, incoming and outgoing calls, battery removal, network outage, etc.

Interrupt testing is done to ensure that a program will have the ability to handle such interruptions by switching to a suspended state and resuming afterward.