Evolution of Soccer & Goal Posts

The soccer fanatics always look forward to the moment when their favorite teams will score a goal against the opponents. The goal makes all the differences between the winning team and the defeated one. To score a goal, the ball must be kicked into the net fastened to the posts. Soccer is one of the most loved games in many countries and making a name in this arena is not easy.

Soccer goalposts play an important role in the match. Over the years, those posts have evolved a lot. We will take a closer look at the evolution of both soccer and goal posts throughout this write-up. You can get complete information about soccer and upcoming world cup soccer matches via https://bsportsfan.com/.

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Walking Back to 13th Century

Before the 13th century, soccer was mainly played by the peasants because this sport was played barefooted. The elite persons restricted their choice only to sports on horseback, such as Polo. The upper class considered soccer as 'Mob Soccer'. The youths from two villages used to play soccer.

 The rules and regulations, in those days, were far different from what is governing modern-day soccer. The number of damage and injuries was also higher at that time. Due to the high rate of on-pitch injuries, King Edward III banned the sport.

In that century, people used to become riotous while watching the game. Another reason behind the ban was an emerging belief that soccer was distracting the common men from practiced by almost all and sundry as preparation for war. The sport was banned for the next three centuries. Anyone playing soccer was imprisoned or fined 4 pence as punishment.