Some Great Ideas For Fountain Landscape Lighting

For many people, their outdoor space is as important as their indoor space and water features are often the focal point of their garden. If used properly, landscape lighting can turn water features into a wonderful center of attention for the night experience for your guests. Landscape lighting can be used to make a fountain glow or illuminate a pond from within. You will want to consider several items before starting your next water feature lighting project. You can get Certified Landscape Installation in Stuart, FL – Tropiscapes


The first step is to choose the right lighting for your specific project. Submersible lights are best for fountains. Submarine landscape lights are placed under the surface of the water in the basin and pointing up at the body. They can create a sparkling effect and help to illuminate the fountain itself as well as the flow of water sprayed into the basin. Offering color filters is a very simple way to add flavor. Often lights will come with these filters and they can add modern, living effects to your landscape.

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Another option is to use non-submersible lighting that is placed at the bottom of the water feature. Landscape lighting options include solar, incandescent, or LED landscape lighting. Solar landscape lighting is very popular these days because it is very easy to install, does not use electricity, and has a much smaller negative impact on the environment. LED lighting is also a good choice because it is much cheaper than traditional incandescent lamps (saves up to 50% on power usage) and can last longer too. Moonlight is a great choice for large water features such as ponds, ponds and large fountains. They are free-floating, battery-operated balls that light up and create amazing effects on the landscape. They can also be connected by wires and installed permanently around water-based features to create permanent lighting. This is a good choice for outdoor activities such as parties because because they are battery-operated, they can be removed and stored for future events. They also come with the option to have speakers in them to provide an additional atmosphere.

Studying your specific site and the specific settings where your water feature is important determines the type of lighting you want to use. In some cases, top lighting is the best choice and in other situations bottom lighting may be preferred. Or as mentioned above, using landscape lighting from the inside can be the preferred method.