Remarkable Tourist Attraction with Countless Natural Wonders

Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Africa with the natural wonders innumerable to explore along with some adventure activities like Gorilla trekking, hiking, climbing volcanoes and much more. Let's find out the various aspects that make Rwanda the ultimate adventure destination!

Mountain Gorilla Trekking:

Gorilla expedition in Rwanda is regarded as a life-changing experience. With only about 880 gorillas left in the world can find large but gentle creatures in their natural habitat. It is not it an exciting opportunity! Noble creatures that make their homes in and among the bamboo covered slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Volcanoes National Park in the northern part of Rwanda. 

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Experiencing culture:

Culture and tradition are the parameters that define the true essence of a place. Rwanda has made its essence intact to keep the ancient tradition alive, especially with regard to honor and hospitality. Rwanda people feel proud and happy to introduce you to their traditions. Music and dance are an inevitable part of their everyday life and performances including an elegant exhibition of courage and prowess funny song, dance cheerful and rural art with roots in traditional agriculture. 

Game Safaris:

The Safari game in Akagera National Park is one of the activities most admired by tourists. Animals that one would face with this safari topis, impalas, eland, Oribi, Masai giraffes, reedbuck, sable and roan antelope, as well as money defassa water. Also, you'll find hippos, crocodiles, zebras this Burchall while buffalo and elephants mainly found in the north.