Performance Chips Feed Your Vehicle a Heavy Dose of Power

Do you want a performance chip that you can plug in and forget, or one that you can constantly handle to find your perfect settings, Auto Anything has the right electrical equipment for you. You can click here for more information about the diesel performance parts through

We have three different performance chip styles to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and capabilities. However, for all their differences, one thing they have in common is the power to push the performance of your vehicle to unbelievable heights.

2 basic types of performance chips

Control Module

The control module is connected directly to your electrical system, standing between data from various sensors and computers. This module cuts data before it has the opportunity to reach the onboard computer.

Then, it analyzes information, determines the right adjustment for air / fuel ratio, ignition timing and other main functions, and then sends commands to the onboard computer. 

Each control module is specially programmed to maximize the output and efficiency of your vehicle's specific year, make and model it, taking into account the engine size, transmission type and even the size of your stock tires.

What's more, many control modules have different power levels, or stages. That way, you can choose the perfect amount of power for your unique driving habits.

Power Programmer

Like the control module, the power programmer reconfigures the computer on top of your vehicle to work at the top level, but they operate differently. Instead of being permanently installed into your electrical system, the power programmer is a plug-n-play device.