Laser Hair Removal Solution

Laser hair removal can be done anywhere in the body, including in sensitive areas such as the face and bikini lines. Both men and women enjoy the benefits of this type of procedure.

Laser hair removal is done by directing the pulsed laser beam across the specified area, which functions by destroying the pigment down to the follicle, which then will fall asleep and be unproductive. You can also go for the laser hair removal & fat freezing clinic in Rockdale, Sydney.

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Several sessions are usually needed for total elimination, but in the case of minimizing growth and slowing regrowth, only a few visits are needed. The technician instructs the patient about the number of sessions that may be needed to produce the desired results.

Because of the heat produced by light, there is a little discomfort during laser hair removal, but especially in more sensitive areas of the body. Cooling gel applied to the area before starting the procedure minimizes this feeling.

There will be slight redness and tenderness when you see the treatment, but this should disappear the next morning. Sometimes swelling can occur, but it will also disappear at the end of the day. Patients can expect the affected area to harden within a few days after treatment.

The only limitation that patients have after their procedure is to avoid tanning beds and sun for a month or more. Laser hair removal offers a permanent solution for problems that are only temporarily corrected by other measures.