Introduction To Android Phones

Android phones, also known as the Droid phone, are a phone, working on the Android operating system, developed by Google. Over the years, the operating system is gaining popularity among manufacturers and developers because they can easily customize to meet their individual needs.

Customize the phone enables service providers to offer a variety of user interface when using the same OS. You can get to know about excellent android mobiles via an online search.

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Most of these phones, even those offered by companies using alternative operating systems, tend to have the same features are going to include personal data management, Internet browsing, video streaming, plus a number of free and paid applications and software.

Technical specifications

Android phones using the Android operating system, middleware and key applications. The program, written in C, based on the Linux kernel. Applications that use the Android OS phone deals are basically written in the Java language.

Many consider Android as revolutionary as an open-source configuration.


Android mobile phone users may simultaneously run a number of applications, allowing them to perform different tasks at the same time, thus offering them more flexibility of operation, compared to competing systems. However, the hardware used in the handset plays an important role. certain handsets have multi-core processors, making it more convenient for users to carry out many operations simultaneously.