How to Get Your Child to Grow Out of Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a habit most infants develop and is common among many. What worries a parent is the time a child spends on this habit and its repercussions. Toddlers find great pleasure in thumb-sucking; it comforts and soothes them at times when they are sleepy, bored or tired.

They happily fall asleep with the thumb in their mouth. My toddler had gradually developed the habit of thumb sucking. When bored, tired or sleepy he would put his thumb in the mouth. The best option to prevent thumb sucking is to purchase hand stopper thumb guard online.

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The only advantage of this was he would be quiet most of the time and cry less when irritated. At first, I was worried about the psychological aspects of the habit, fearing it has resulted from emotional deprivation. My pediatrician calmed my worries explaining that it is a common behavior among infants and toddlers.

My family suggested that anything bitter applied on the thumb would help. I made a paste of neem leaves and applied a thin layer on his thumb when he was sleepy so that it dries up and stays long.

Psychologically a toddler believes that whatever is applied on his thumb will wear off in some time. He will suck his thumb more in the expectation that the bitterness will reduce. I realized this when my toddler used to suck his thumb more, constantly staring at the thumb, try to wipe his hands on any material available around him and lastly cry profusely.