How To Clean Exhaust Tips Without Special Supplies

If you want your car to be as clean as possible you should probably learn how to clean exhaust tips properly. It's easy to neglect the exhaust pipes on the back of your car, but if you polish them up every now and then it can make a world of different. TailHappyTV posted a video teaching people how to clean exhaust tips with common household cleaners you can find in the kitchen. You can follow the instructions in the video to learn the basic methods anyone can use to polish a tail pipe within just 15 minutes.

You don't need to go anywhere special to follow these instructions either, you can do it all in the comfort of your own driveway. Just because you learn how to clean exhaust tips at home with household cleaners doesn't mean you can just do it once and be done forever. You actually need to apply this cleaning method every month or two in order to keep the exhaust pipes on your vehicle clean. The moment you start driving down the road they will begin to accumulate carbon deposits all over again. The more frequently you clean exhaust tips on your car the easier it will be to get them shiny the next time you need a touch up. Check out the video from TailHappyTV to learn how to clean exhaust tips at home without any special or expensive cleaning supplies.