Hiring a Quality Translator

Translation is a skill and an art. It takes years of training and practice. Just because someone is bilingual does not make him / translators who qualify. Do not settle on someone for the wrong reasons, such as convenience, low cost or no cost etc. Translation piece reflects on you and your business. If not done properly, it may cost you dearly road (time, money and, worst of all, the brand).

A translator must have an excellent command over both source and target languages. One of these languages will have / her mother tongue. If the translator does not have a solid basis of his / her own mother tongue, he / she are limited in the control of translation as both a skill and an art. If you are finding top Chinese translation agency then you can navigate best Chinese translation services.

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If you are sure the person meets the minimum requirements above, you can go one step further, giving him / something short to translate from your language to the target language. Thus, you want to hit one or two objectives:

1. You want the same question asked above answer.

2. If that sounds like a translation of the original work, you want to know if the translation accurately reflects the meaning and tone of the original.

Some translation agencies have a long list of freelancers. They usually farm out their work. Quality control can remain questions as they rush to fill their orders.

Do not be misled by some real advertising. Some small companies will claim that they have a few hundred qualified translators, who have a particular accreditation, and who are members of certain translators' associations etc. Accreditation or membership may be a reference but not the decisive factor. Also the quality varies greatly among them accredited.

· Translators must have an adequate knowledge of the subject in addition to general knowledge. I have been correcting some translation that clearly revealed the lack of interpreters in the second. Translation is performed so poorly that they needed a complete makeover to make some sense.

· Word-for-word literal translation is never a good translation. If a translator is matching every word in one language that is in another language, and if she is getting too analytical, for example the composition of the word, it does not bode well and you'd better run as fast as you can.