Get the Solar Pool Covers

If you do not have a heated swimming pool, the next best thing is a solar swimming pool cover. Solar pool blankets are great for the environment because they conserve heat and energy by reducing evaporation and night-time heat loss.

Did you know that just by closing your pool with a solar pool cover, you use the most effective way to reduce the cost of heating your swimming pool? A solar swimming pool covers acts as a vapor barrier for the indoor pool and an outdoor pool and dramatically cuts heat loss through evaporation.

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Heating systems work best when they are used in conjunction with a solar swimming pool cover. An outdoor pool gets its heat from the sun by absorbing about 75 percent to 85 percent of the solar energy hitting the surface of a pond.

Solar swimming pool covers help trap in heat and reduces heat loss through evaporation. An indoor pool that is not vulnerable to the elements, seasonal pools are available but they still lose the same amount of energy from evaporation.

The most standard swimming pool cover that is available in the thermal bubble cover. The thermal blankets bubble is very light and designed to float on the surface of the pond.

Typically, they are used only in the spring and fall when the temperature of the air and the temperature in the pool tends to be very different.