Features Of Yuneec Mantis Q Drone

The Mantis Q is one of the smallest folding drones on the market. It is large enough to need the registration of the FAA, even for non-commercial use. You can check the Yuneec Mantis Q review online. Besides that there are some features of Yuneec Mantis Q drone described below:

  • A new feature is included in Yuneec Mantis Q as a remote control. Instead, you can better download the Yuneec Pilot application free for Android and iOS, and attach your phone to the remote.
  • In addition to sticks, which flight control, the remote has a dedicated back home button and a switch to activate the quick sport mode on its facade. At the top, there is a dual wheel control and a tilt of the game camera, the other lighter or darker video or images as well as recording and photo buttons.
  • Stabilization and GPS positioning are included. Mantis is able to interact with satellites in orbit around the planet in order to get a specific location. This allows him to fly in place when you travel outside, and automatically return to its takeoff position.
  • In addition to manual flight, the Mantis has other control options. There are also voice commands, captured using the microphone of your phone. You can tell commands and the drone will respond as if you were holding a remote command button.
  • Mantis has not any kind of internal memory, a feature that we began to see more drones. Instead, it uses Micro SD for storage. Yuneec promises up to 33 minutes of flying on a fully charged battery.